Air Conditioning App

This is an app designed to remotely control air conditioners at home. I’ve named it ‘Atmos’ which is short for atmosphere. Certain features I’ve included and thought would be helpful are switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius, energy tracking, air quality tracking, and letting it run on a scheduled time. 



I took the features from an actual air conditioning unit and added extra features that would be helpful such as controlling several rooms, changing it from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and more. I then moved onto creating a lo-fi prototype and turned that into a hi-fi prototype with interactions and improvements on the UI. 

In terms of the UI, I wanted the app to be minimal and reflect the coolness of an air conditioner using elements like the wavy lines, gradients, and cooler color temperatures. I also explored neumorphism to achieve a soft, 3D effect of the buttons.


Created in

Adobe XD