Korean Won

This currency is a redesign of the Korean Won inspired by the rich culture and history of South Korea. I chose to redesign Korean Won as I’ve been interested in the culture since I was little and thought it would be enjoyable to create something I have some kind of connection with. I wanted to focus on aspects I thought were important such as creation of the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, King Sejeong, who helped create the alphabet, Buddhism which is a prominent religion in South Korea, Queen Seondeok, who was the first female to rule over ancient Korea, and the oldest surviving astronomical observatory in Asia, Cheomseongdae.



I started off with a little bit of research about the history and culture of South Korea as well as observing actual currency to see the complexities and details that were added. I utilized layering, gradients, and patterns to create a complex but visually compelling design. The vivid colors were chosen as a way to differentiate them from each other and make them more visually appealing compared to the real currency which is monochromatic and slightly dull. I also thought about people who may be blind or find it difficult to read the numbers and words, so I made the bills different sizes as a way to differentiate them and easy to tell apart.


Created in

Photoshop, Illustrator