Proposed PlayBuilders Identity

Proposed Identity Redesign

This is a proposed rebrand identity for PlayBuilders of Hawaiʻi Theater Company which is a unique and local theater company founded by Terri Madden. Starting in a small town in Central Appalachia, it grew into a successful theater in Hawaiʻi where theater members collaborate with each other and the local community to create and tell stories through theater.

The client had wanted to update their old logo and requested something more modern, the logo to have a circle, and Hawai’i related aspects. It also involved creating a process book showcasing the process and ideation of the identity.



I started off with researching about the company, competitors, and had meetings with the client asking various questions to get a better understanding of Terri herself and how she founded the company. I then moved onto creating sketches and turned those into vectors and continued iterating until I landed on an identity that I felt represented the company well. The colors chosen represent the many rainbows that appear in Hawai’i and also a bridge that connects people and communities together. 


When creating the logo, I wanted to focus on important aspects of the company such as communication and teamwork which are represented through quotation marks and the way they’re grouped together. 


I also created a process book to go along with it and designed spreads that showcased all the work and ideas put into this proposed identity. I used colors, patterns, masks, and structure to make the spreads and layout cohesive.


Created in

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop