Chinese Typeface

I wanted to create a typeface that involved another language and I chose Chinese as I am Chinese myself and wanted to explore what I can design using Chinese characters. I designed the typeface based off of stamp seals. There are various types of seals used for different purposes such as a personal signature, a company/studio signature, a government seal, a charm, an alias/nickname, and more. Because there are a lot of Chinese characters, I chose to focus on a set of characters with a theme such as zodiac animals. 



When researching about Chinese/Asian stamp seals, I found that a lot of them are square and the characters tend to be rounded and soft. So I was inspired by those and made my typeface rounded, with the characters in white and the background solid red. This style of a stamp seal is what inspired the name ‘Yin.’ I made them outlined as another style that could be used in conjunction with it.


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